New threat to lead shot in the UK

The ECHA European Chemicals Agency have produce a report on lead ammunition. It looks like the UK’s Lead Ammunition Group LAG 2.0.

Many of the LAG committee where apart of the writing team for this report. Just look at the list of  writers below. John Swift Chairman of the LAG, member of the LAG, Rhys Green with, Ruth Cromie WWT, Debbie Pain WWT and Dr Matt Ellis of BASC.

BASC withdraw their support for the LAG after Sir Barnie White-Spunner of the CA walked with the other shooing groups.

BASC had their CEO at the time, 2010, John Swift as chairman, they where running the LAG web site for the LAG and Dr Matt Ellis was the secretary for the Group.

Now Mat Ellis turn up as being apart of the team involved in the ECHA report now being used to call for a total lead ban.


The Dossier Submitter would like to thank the many stakeholders that made contributions to the call for evidence and during subsequent discussions during the development of this report, but particularly:

Alessandro Andreotti (ISPRA)

Barnett Rattner (USGS)

David Scallan (FACE)

Debbie Pain (WWT)

John Anthony Swift (LAG)

Kai Tikkunen (Finnish Hunting Association)

Mario Ge (AFEMS)

Matt Ellis (BASC)

Niels Kanstrup (Danish Academy of Hunting)

Rafael Mateo (IREC)

Rhys E. Green (University of Cambridge, UK)

Ruth Cromie (WWT)

Sergey Dereliev (UNEP/AEWA Secretariat)

Steve Binks (ILA)

Torbjörn Lindskog (AFEMS)

Vernon G. Thomas (University of Guelph, Canada)

Wouter Langhout (Bird Life Europe)

This version of the report has been reviewed for confidential information and any such information has been redacted.



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