Trouble at Mill

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I’ve added the Richard Ali appeal O’Neil report to this page and the press release from BASC saying that they had sack Mr Ali for gross misconduct.

Then we have the press reports regarding the Stephen Curtis employment tribunal in Chester. Mr Curtis is clamming unfair dismissal, as the Hill Dickinson report cleared him.

The Hill Dickinson report was rejected by the BASC council.

I have added the summaries of the O’Neil report and the Hill Dickinson report into “Files” on the page.

Mr Ali has been sacked. Mr Curtis is at a employment tribunal which we still await the up come.

What happens is the tribunal finds in favour of Mr Curtis?

Would that but the council in the wrong?

Did Mr Ali act correctly and BASC council should not have sack him?

If Mr Curtis wins his tribunal case where does that leave the council?


No lead ban


Four key paragraphs in the Liz Truss letter John Swift:

Following receipt of your report, the Food Standards Agency (FSA) sought independent scientific advice from the Committee on Toxicity about the human health risk assessment within it. This advice, which has been in place since 2012, States:

‘To minimise the risk of lead intake, people who frequently eat lead-shot game, particularly small game, should cut down their consumption. This advice is especially important for vulnerable groups such as toddlers and children, pregnant woman and woman trying to have a baby’.

With regard to the impact of lead ammunition on wildlife, we note that the report does not provide evidence of causation linking possible imparts of lead ammunition with sizes of bird populations in England.

In both instances – human health and wildlife – the report did not show that the impacts of lead ammunition were significant enough to justify changing current policy; we therefore do not accept your recommendation to ban the use of lead ammunition.