BASC Involvement in LAG

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BASC involvement in LAG

The following is out takes from the LAG report and show the involvement of BASC staff in the LAG.

It was not just John Swift. see how Dr John Harradine and Dr Matt Ellis fit in the LAG. BASC also set up the web site.

I add John Batley of the GTA to the list as he was the BASC pigeon shooting expert and council member. Note the report does not say he resigned? was he still working with the LAG after he resigned?


Lucy Munro (defra) initially provded the main committee’s secretariat support until 5th meeting in November 2010. Dr Matt Ellis (BASC) succeeded her from the 6th meeting in April 2012.

From the outset in March 2010 John Swift (then chief Executive of BASC but now retired from that role) was appointed as the Group’s chaiman specifically “to provide overarching direction and focus for the group, ………. John Swift has continued as the Group’s chairman since retiring from BASC in 2013.

Primary Evidence and Risk Assessment Subgroup (PERA Subgroup)
The PERA Subgroup’s members have been Professor Levy, Dr Peter Green MRCVS (Veterinary Adviser to the British Deer Society), Professor Rhys Green (RSBP and the Department of Zoology, University of Cambridges), Dr John Harradine (BASC), Dr Alastair Leake (GWCT), and Dr Debbie Pain (WWT),

The Mitigation Subgroup brought together members of the Main Committee and others to consider possible mitigation options to reduce or eliminate the risks identified in the risk assessments The Mitigation Subgroup was chaired by Sir Barney White-Spunner.

The Mitigation Subgroup’s Membership was open to the entire Group with additional invited experts. It has consisted of Sir Barney, Ian Coghill (GWCT), Professor Green (RSPB), Dr Ruth Cromie (WWT) and Dr Matt Ellis ( BASC) although other members of the Main Committee have provided assistance and information.
The main Committee received four risk assessments in 2013.

3. “Lead Ammunition and Wildlife in England (UK)” a minority report by Dr John Harradine and Dr Alastair Leake (see appendix 3)

a. The Gun and ammunition trades have been represented by John Batley (Gun Trade Association)
b. Game dealers have been represented by Stephen Crouch (National Game Dealers Association) and resigned in May 2015


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