2009 BASC Research committee minutes

This is the minutes of the BASC Research Committee, this committee meet and the LAG had not been set up yet.

Was this all apart of the plan of Mr John Swift and Co to get us to give up lead. I believe the answer is, yes.

It was agreed that the following recommendation be given to Council:
“In light of the growing evidence of problems with lead ammunition the 
Committee believes that the use of lead ammunition in shooting and stalk-ing is becoming increasingly unsustainable. As a result of the growing and external pace of change the Committee recommends that Council prepares members and other shooters for early change away from lead ammunition. The Committee also recommends that the Deer Committee gives urgent attention to the problems of lead bullets“.
AP3 –  MA to recommend to Council in January that bans on lead ammunition are anticipated sooner rather than later and that members should be prepared for early change

BASC RESEARCH COMMITTEEall Minutes Steering Group

Are BASC still working under this document?

Who many BASC HQ staff are working for a lead ban?



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