SHOCK – HORROR – AWE – Shooting News – By AC

Shooting News – By AC


20th November 2015

AC writes: “SHOCK: If it were not for the NGO they would have got away with it. The attached copy of a High Court Judgement by Mr Justice Ouseley (13/11/2015) reveals a shocking abuse of institutional power. It sets out forensic detail showing that Natural England and DEFRA conspired together, under extreme pressure from the RSPB, to systematically deprive an innocent man of his livelihood. Their continuous refusal to grant him a Licence despite his fulfilment of all normal requirements was challenged and condemned by Mr Justice Ouseley. 

There is no right of appeal against a Natural England Licensing decision, hence the need for a judicial review. 

A DEFRA Minister (Richard Beynon MP) advised Natural England not to grant a Licence on the basis that it would breach a policy of ‘cultural and political’ consideration despite being aware that utilising ‘public opinion’ as a policy was illegal in the context. However, fear of RSPA rabble rousing was a risk he was not prepared to countenance. 

Whilst advising against the ‘social and political’ gambit, Natural England did all they could to obstruct the granting of a Licence. By ratcheting up the intensity of qualifying tests unreasonably imposed upon the applicant, at the same time knowing that they would never grant a licence, they hoped to crush the applicant out of his application with the sheer force of demoralisation. It took 4 years; Kafka could not have made it up. Then it came to Court thanks to the NATIONAL GAMEKEEPERS ORGANISATION, They are the heroes and deserve to be flooded with new members.

None of the Natural England/DEFRA actions were accidental or a result of incompetence. They were deliberate attempts to prevent due process, ensuring that the application(s) for a licence could never succeed. Natural England and DEFRA achieved their objective with disregard to the costs, damage, and personal stress, they were inflicting upon an innocent applicant. The applicant lost his livelihood but won the judicial review. 

The anti-shooting cultural prejudice embedded in Natural England, and in elements of DEFRA, reached their full expression on this particular occasion.”

This is the full document


My Comment: “I can not thank you NGO enough for all the work they have put into this court case and WIN!” Ian the gun

This is the court papers

NGO BUZZARDS high-court-win


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