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It’s probably only a coincident; since Shooting News (Sept. 9th 2015) set out the details of the BASC betrayal over raised cages; two new Parliamentary Early Day Motions on the subject have again been tabled in the last month.

You will see from the signatures on the EDM’s that the SNP are riding shotgun with Labour on this.

We are all a little nervous nowadays after the previous 30 years of deceit over Lead ammunition. The BASC will surely allay all our fears, won’t they? At present all the evidence indicates that they backing this covert attack on English shooting. A repudiation of these new EDM’s is called for.

Also noted: An article in this week’s (14th October) Shooting Times by the celebrated Damiam Mcbride Christopher Graffius (BASC director of communications) recommended cosying up to the labour party, the sister party of the SNP. He also conveyed a warning shot across the bows of the Shooting public from, and on behalf of his Labour Party friends.

The S/T article’s gambit was; it won’t always be a Tory government, the bogymen will be back, so watch out Shooting Public, and listen to Christopher.

Of course it could all be a cunning plan hatched by Mr Graffius; really cannot say for sure.

The troika (John Swift, WWT, RSPB) seems to be back in the saddle whining and dinning, whilst Mr Graffius provides a little mood music, after all they are his muckers.

Mr Swift has been in overdrive in the last few weeks spreading his Lead poisoning to the Press (see extracts of his letter to DEFRA setting out his report on Lead published in the Telegraph and the Mail). The funny thing is that only Mark Avery seems to agree with him.

But beware, even now, Mr Swift is still listed as Treasurer General on the FACE EU so do not expect any comfort from that quarter. After all FACE EU are the agents for the AEWA.

See below reprint of the: A CASE HISTORY OF THE BASC AND RAISED CAGES from the last newsletter.



Let us remember what happened in the case of raised cages in the last few weeks of the dying labour government in 2010. Most of the English Shooting organisations had come to agreement over a code of guidelines covering the breeding of pheasants after a torturous 5 years of discussion with DEFRA. The code was agreed and the presiding DEFRA minister Jim Fitzpatrick (Labour) ratified it. BASC did not agree with it – “a matter of principle”.

In total defiance of the rest of the English shooting organisations and their membership John Swift’s BASC put up two fingers and set about to wreck the agreement (threatening the future of English game shooting).

To achieve its ‘aim’ BASC emailed Labour MP’s urging them to sign an Early Day Motion to vote for the rescinding of the agreed code. The EDM ultimately gained 203 MP’s signatures.  Given that 60 signatures are regarded as a highly successful outcome, against an average of 30 or so, this was an almost unprecedented outcome.

All of this was expertly and enthusiastically executed by Damiam Mcbride Christopher Graffius director of communications (mentioned in dispatches at the 2015 AGM see below, and attached).

Another BASC figure mentioned in the 2015 AGM dispatches, Martin Salter, tabled the Early Day Motion for BASC in Parliament.

Also see text supporting banning of ‘raised cages campaign’ that was used to urge MP’s to sign up:

Jim Fitzpatrick** took note and a few weeks before the end of the Parliamentary session, duly withdrew the Code without any consultation with the other signature parties to the Code.

For those who so far find all this a bit incredulous let me repeat, John Swift’s BASC deliberately set out to bring down an agreement with DEFRA that all of the English shooting organisations had spent the previous 5 years fighting for and, indeed, had achieved.

The BASC responded that it had gone to great lengths to defy the settled position on ‘raise cages’ that the rest of English shooting representatives had fought so hard for, they said;  We make no bones about pursuing our aim, which the elected Council and relevant advisory committees of BASC have long considered necessary…”

Labour lost the Election and the new DEFRA Minister Jim Paice (Conservative) reinstated the Code at the urging of the CA and others within the first weeks of his office. BASC did not agree or urge a reinstatement of the code.

Since that time a 2 year long DEFRA report, at the cost of over £400,000 (completed in 2012) has finally been released. The report firmly and conclusively endorsed the stance taken by the English Shooting Public, and its shooting organisations.

The current BASC CEO and Council ‘welcomed’ the DEFRA report, but failed to acknowledge the outrageous and disgraceful act of sabotage it committed against the Code in 2010 and the English Shooting Public hoping no-one would remember their intended damage.

An utterly catastrophic event was only rectified by a change of government. That is how serious it was then and is now. This is why the BASC is held in utter contempt by many, many, English shooters. But that was not the end of it.

You can imagine the pit of horror the shooting Public descended into upon discovering that the same John Swift, with the blessing of the BASC Council, was made Chairman of the Lead Ammunition Group. Unfortunately this blight on shooting continues.

**Fitzpatrick was and still is a keen animal welfare/rights campaigner. He is no friend of shooting, then or now. It is amusing to note he is chairman of the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Primary Headache Disorders, a headache indeed, watch out for him.


Arnold Chapkis – October 16th 2015 (1)

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