Reading the smoke signals

What is going to happen with lead shot?

I believe that as the Minister has two conflicting reports he will be unable to take any action.

However: reading the smoke signals around the little pieces of information I’ve pick up over the last 6 months we may not be see a total ban on lead but clay shooting and game shooting may be asked to reduce their use of lead.

The first little tip bit is John Batley’s resignation letter, June 3rd 2015,  to the Minister.

John Batley said in his resignation letter: 3rd June 2015

“I further believe that a concerted effort by the shooting community could considerably minimise the deposit of spent lead shot on and around clay shooting grounds and game shoots and this could achieve a very considerable reduction of spent lead deposited in the environment.”   

Then add to this the comments for a member of BASC staff on Pigeon Watch Forum on the 22nd of June 2015.

DavidBASC June 22 2015 pigeon watch

panoma1, thank you and I fully understand your point, I just council caution that any suggested change must be thought through carefully.

I accept this is a personal view, but for example on the shoot where I help with the ‘keepering, 7 out of 10 drives have a stream or pond within them, the shoot as a whole is ‘blessed’ with natural wetlands of this type and given the potential for shot to travel 250m or more,its not possible to simply adjust the positioning of the guns to prevent lead falling on to these features…I bet my shoot is not unique…

So my question is, is having the ability to shoot a duck over inland habitats with lead sufficient grounds for potentially restricting the shooting of all other species over a range of habitats that are not necessarily key holding areas for duck / geese inland?

John Batley talks about a concerted effort by the us and DavidBASC [whoever he is] talks about not using lead within 250 meters of any stream or pond on a game shoot.

Now do you see what could be on the cards?


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