LAG web site GONE!

SOS to all shooters
Save Our lead Shot
Hi all
The Lead Ammunition Group has disappeared, gone, no longer there?
What has happen?
We where waiting for the minutes of the last LAG meeting and the final report to be published on the Web site but it has gone.
The web site was set up by BASC for the LAG committee, the domain name was registered under the Code of Good Shooting Practise Ltd. Which is a BASC company.
I now have to shout “Cover up” what happen to the “openness” of the LAG. the last time the web site was updated was the July 2014. It has never reported the resignations for the group of the CA, GTA, CLA, NGDA and GWCT.
Are we every going to see the final report?
Ian Summerell
Save Our lead Shot campaign
PS: This is the link to the cached page of the LAG. and link to the stalking Forum.
cached page
the stalking directory  

Reply from BASC office today, 26th June 2015

Dear Mr. Summerell,

Questions about the LAG web site should be directed to the LAG.

The registration and management of the site has been transferred to the  LAG.


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