Shooting News Nov 2013

I think we as shooters have to think how we are being represented by our organisations, the Shooting News letter high lights to misinformation being peddled by our very own shooting organisations. They should be on our side.

I trashed the WWT/BASC Compliance report in 2010 please see lead shot-gate part 1 and 2.

Have the shooting organisation been lead down the wrong path? If so by who?

The WWT or RSPB or by one of our own?

Please read the PDF file below this is the sort of fight talk we need to see from our shooting organisations. The only one that has stood up to be counted is Sir Barney White-Spunner of the CA. please see CA repress release “”CA “working tirelessly” on the lead shot issue”” on this blog.

This Shooting News was originally sent out (widely) in beginning of November 2013

Smear campaign (3)


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