BASC statement on Defra game bird breeding study

BASC press release 18 June 2015.

I hope this is not like the Compliance report and LAG process, using the same type of bad co-called scientific process.

I do not trust BASC after seeing how they managed as a sub-contractor to the WWT on the steering group for the compliance report and the way they have conducted themselves with regard to the LAG affair.

The last time BASC tried to manage the breeding cage issue they had to back track, I hope this is not going to happen this time.

If it has been three years and the government has not published to report, the government might be on our side. It could be that they do the same with the LAG report, put it in the filing room with a tag for 2 to 25 years.

When files are died in the civil service they have a box on the front cover, where it is signed off to the file room, files can be kept for 2, 5, 10 or 25 years.  I hope that this report was given a 2 year sign off and it has by now been put in the recycle sack.  I hope that the LAG report get the same treatment.

I use to work in the department of the Environment in Bristol for 6 years, on of my jobs was in the wildlife office file room, I used to have to manage the files, filing the files, finding them when they where recalled and when they came to the end of their time, marked on the box and signed, I use to destroy them, take them apart, paper in recycle sack, plastic in the bin and file cover back to registry.

This allowed me to see a lot of the work done by different organisation with the government including BASC letters to Defra.


BASC statement on Defra game bird breeding study

BASC is calling on the Government to publish a game bird study which concluded in 2012.

Defra commissioned research in 2009 entitled ‘Study to determine whether cage-based breeding can meet the needs of game birds, and if not, to identify best practice’. It was concluded in 2012 but has not been published.

It is time for the Government to publish this study. Three years is a long time for it to be sitting around unpublished.

BASC also reminded its members that they should adhere to the Codes of Practice for the Welfare of Gamebirds Reared for Sporting Purposes.

Ian Grindy
BASC game and gameshooting committee



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