letter campaign

Looking at Pigeon Watch forum although I can no longer post on there after being banned, I see by this post below that there is a plan forming.


I see in the thread that pothunter is asking people to copy grrclark’s letter and post to their MP.

I’ve worked in the civil service, only for six years but long enough to understand that copied letters are not replied to. There was a campaign by the RSPCA and lots of people sent in pre-printed postcards which they signed and put their post codes on. The office just wrote the the RSPCA tell them they had received the postcards.
The best way to get anything done and your point across is a personal letter or email to your MP explaining  what if wrong and what you would like them to do?
You can help people write the letter with bullet points but copying someones letter does not work.

We can’t do anything until we see the final LAG report, all I can ask you to do is read the information here on this blog, my web site www.ianthegun.webs.com and/or my facebook page ‘Save Our lead Shot’

Ian the gun

Now I’m beginning to see why they wanted me out the way.


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