BASC have no Representative on the LAG

Are BACS trying to distance themselves for their role in the Lead Ammunition Group?

The Lead Ammunition Group was set up in 2010 and held their first meeting in April that year. John Swift was reported to be the representative of the BASC on the LAG at the time. However, as chairman of the group he would have to be independent which would mean the BASC had no input onto the main LAG committee.

Did BASC every have any input into the mean LAG committee?

As I report below the BASC logo was removed form the LAG web site, this week. Should it have been there in the first place?

Minutes of LAG 7th meeting 11 February 2013

8.2. It was discussed and noted that some organisations have scientific and lobbying programmes outside of the LAG process and that these might be allowed to continue on the basis of ‘business as usual’. There was, however, a general view that members of the Group must be seen to commit to the LAG evidence process and make clear that they are open to the consideration of any and all evidence, wherever that may lead. Members of the Group are appointed as nominees to represent the views of their sector independently of organisations but also because of their own expertise. If any member of the Group was not able to respect this they could of course opt to leave the Group. It was agreed that discretion must be observed and the evidence must drive the Group’s conclusions.

So, as you can see John Swift and all the other members of the LAG are acting “independently of organisations”.

In the great scheme of things the BASC logo is a side line issue. Its only the logo, however: it shows that BASC are not and never where a player or playing any part in the main LAG committee, “the voice of shooting” had NO voice.

The BASC logo was removed on the 14th Decmember 2013, the next day DavidBASC said on Pigeon Watch froum

Yes we have a member of staff to take minutes but they have no other roles and are not involved in the reports or research. The Chairman is no longer employed by BASC since he retired, consequently BASC do not have any active role in the group and consequently it would be wrong for our logo to be on the LAG web site.

The outcome of this was that the logo was put back onto the LAg web Site on Monday 17th Dec. it was taken off and replace within four days.

sceen shot lag membership 19 oct 2012

Screen shot LAG web site cached page 19 Oct 1012

Then he was still the BASC representative in Aug 2013.

sceen shot lag membership 18 Aug 2013

Screen shot LAG web site cached page 18 Aug 2013

Then by the next screen shot June 2014 below, John Swift is no longer the representative for BASC Why?

John Swift had retired from the BASC, so is he or is he not still representing BASC?

sceen shot lag membership 5 June 2014

Screen shot LAG web site cached page 5 June 2014

This is the screen shot for today and john swift is just listed as chairman. If he was no longer representing the BASC should he not have resigned for the LAG or a BASC representative appointed to the group?

sceen shot lag membership 19 June 2015

Screen shot LAG web site today 19 June 2015.

Below are two sceen shots of cached pages of the LAG web site the one of the left is 11 June 2015 the one on the right is today 19 June 2015, between these dates the BASC logo has been removed from the LAG web site, why?

You have to remember BASC are running the LAG web site and admin for the LAG, is this how they managed to removed their logo?

LAG web site June 11th 2015basc logo removed again

Dr Harradine was a member of the risk assessment sub-group but not on the main LAG committee.


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