SOS to all Shooters – LAG final report


Save Our lead Shot

The Lead Ammunition Group chaired by John Swift, has held its last meeting and submitted the final report to the Minister.

The only why we have any idea of what might contain is from the resignation letters from Sir Barney White-Spunner CA and John Batley GTA, we are told that the GWCT, NGDA and CLA have also resigned but not seen any confirmation to date.

Sir Barney White-Spunner resigned on the 21st May and John Batley on the 3rd June.

You can find a copy of Sir Barney’s letter on the CA web site.

Sir Barney writes in this latter to John SwiftI object in particular to your drawing conclusions from the Sub Group paper ‘Evaluation of the Risks to Human Health’…..we cannot accept a paper on such a potentially serious issue unless it is written by professionally medically qualified experts;”

John Batley writes in his resignation letter “The Chairman’s Draft Report offers a solution through the phasing out of lead in ammunition which would lead to an eventual ban” JB_-_LAG_resignation_letter_040615

I am told that Ian Goghill GWCT resigned last year, I have no proof of this but I believe this to be reliable information.

The report by John Swift thought to be based mostly on the opinions of Dr Debbie Pain, Director of Conservation at Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust and Professor Rhys Green, Principal Research Biologist and Professor of Conservation Science, RSPB. Both of who have previously stated their intention to have lead banned. 

Debbie Pain was co-author of the paper Potential Hazard to Human Health from Exposure to Fragments of Lead Bullets and Shot in the Tissues of Game Animals”

 Prof Rhys Green is an author and signatory of “Wildlife and Human Health Risks from Lead-Based Ammunition in Europe” A Consensus Statement by Scientists. 

One of my arguments was that Debbie Pain and Rhys Green sat on the LAG, both wrote many of the papers being looked at by the LAG and both sat on the risk assessment sub group of the LAG. How can you have an independent review body for the government that is so one sided? 

BASC could not resign as they where not a member of the main LAG committee, John Swift had retired in June 2013 and no longer represents them. BASC spokesman made it clear on shooting forums that John Swift no longer worked for them.

BASC made a statement that they withdraw their support for the LAG on the 27th of May 2015,

So reading the two resignation letters it looks like the final LAG report is going to recommend a phasing out of lead.

I hope the Government will reject the final recommendations of the LAG after the reported fiasco of the process reported by the two resignation letters.

The LAG was going to be an open process and all the minutes where to be posted on the LAG web site run by the BASC. However, the web site has not been update since July 2014.

We now wait for the government to respond to the LAG final report.

Ian Summerell


Country Sports TV


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