All John Swift emails

many have just read out takes from the John Swift emails to Defra as chairman of the Lead Ammunition Group.

PDF file: All john swift emails

These are extracts from No.14 28th October 2014 from John Swift to Defra, paper on lead ammo


If I had to give you the heads up, it would be along the lines that the LAG process will point with complete
certainty to the toxic nature of lead ammunition, qualified with equal certainty that precise effects and their
extent can only be predicted with uncertainty. The conclusion to be drawn on all the evidence that I have so
far seen is that lead ammunition is harmful for both wildlife and human health – it is not just a matter for
wildfowl – and moreover that the alternatives are safe, effective and available at comparable cost.


Hence, although one can quibble with words, the position taken by “the scientists” in their conclusion is a
sensible and well founded one: namely to foresee “a phase out and eventual elimination of lead-based
ammunition and its replacement with non-toxic alternatives”.



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