Are Basc still running the LAG Secretariat?

Are BASC Still running the LAG Secretariat?

The following is taken from the Pigeon watch forum thread “all quite on the lead shot front”

From DaveBASC

Regarding the resignations and the use of logo’s on the LAG site, you will need to contact the Chairman via

My reply;

The questions that need to be answered are as follows:

Is BASC still running the Web Site for the LAG?

Are BASC still running the secretariat for the LAG?

I remember the little chat we had regarding the BASC logo, If BASC are still running the secretariat or web site, they can remove their own logo. Like they did before.

DavidBASC then replied:

The web site is LAG’s, regardless of who helps with administration, so please contact the Chairman as I have said, there is no point asking those questions on here.

thank you   David

My reply;

The BASC statement on their web site regarding Barney White-Spunner’s resignation quotes Alan Jarrett “BASC Council has voted to withdraw support from the group”.

Therefore is the BASC statement on the resignations from the LAG, incorrect and untrue?

It seems to me that the comments of David BASC, implies that BASC are still the secretariat for the LAG and therefore have not withdraw their support. The website, as David has said before on PW, is in fact a BASC registered website belonging to a company that belongs to BASC.


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