BASC threaten court action over lead shot comment

In the first letter BASC ask me to remove a comment regarding lead shot and BASC. They do not identify the web site where it can be found or the comment made. I have four web site, six facebook groups and two blogs.

BASC letter 1 blacked out

I reply denying.

Ians reply to 1st basc letter

They then send a 2nd letter they refer to the comment but still do not identify the web site where it can be found.

BASC letter 2 blacked out

I reply asking for the URL of the web Site.

Ians reply to 2nd basc letter

They supply web site URL and comment, note they want the whole comment removed.

BASC letter 3 blacked out

I don’t want to be taken to court, so I remove the BASC name from the comment and question them wanting the whole comment removed, which makes it look like BASC are supporting the WWT and RSPB for a total lead ban.

Ians reply to 3rd basc letter

Then BASC change their tune and back tracked on asking for the whole comment to be removed. I publish all the letters between BASC and myself so you can make you own mind up.

BASC letter 4 blacked out

PDF of all letters

BASC threaten court action all letters


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