Lead Shot compliance steering group

For the Defra compliance report the WWT win the contract worth £63,557.

At the first contract inception meeting at the Defra office in Britstol on the 17th November 2008, John Harradine of the BASC was allowed to attend the Steering Group meeting as a sub-contractor.

contract inception 1

On the second page of the minutes obtain through the FOI Act, Milestone 2, RC [I think that is Ruth Cromie] was to ask BASC if there was any Bias to where the birds where bought.

contract inception 2

Then there is a single sheet that has no reference, it must have been produce after the first meeting and before or for the first Steering Group full meeting. It says that the Steering Group will engage one of the Defra Social Scientists in the surveys.

unknow date jan 09


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